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Mapping Salt Lake City invites all interested visitors to add their voices to the mix. Here are some examples of the kinds of projects that we're looking for:

  • Oral histories or interviews with longtime Salt Lake City residents
  • Video or multi-media essays
  • Graphic (comic-book) essays
  • Photo essays
  • Sound essays
  • Essays on environment
  • Essays on Salt Lake City architecture
  • Essays on immigration, race, religion, politics or culture as it relates to Salt Lake City
  • Personal or historical maps made with any interactive mapping technology
  • Walking tours
  • Personal essays that specifically relate to Salt Lake City
  • Essays/interviews/projects about the city's music scene
  • Profiles of people that are or who have been active in changing the city

We are also looking for more entries to our This Was Here archive. As we know, Salt Lake City's residents, neighborhoods, communities, architecture, and cultures are constantly evolving. Parks pop up where prisons stood, gardens are paved over with parking lots, and people disappear, their stories lost to us when they go. This Was Here attempts to retrieve, reconstruct, and revive these lost sites, hidden landmarks, and overlooked figures in an attempt to fill the gaps in Salt Lake's complex history. To write for This Was Here, send us your images, letters, documents, and short (between 250 – 500 words) anecdotes about buildings, events, people or landmarks in Salt Lake City. Please visit our "This Was Here" series on the site to get a better sense of the kind of entries that we're looking for.

Poems and stories for Mapping Salt Lake City are solicited by the site editors.

When submitting work, please include your email address, zip code and neighborhood, a short author's biography of 150 words or less and an author photo. Please also include all necessary personal or archival photos to accompany your entry, and give us the mapping coordinates or street intersections in Salt Lake City to which we should link your work on our site map. All entries should be submitted to our editors via our online Project Submission form, or at the physical address listed on our contact page.

We review all entries for Mapping Salt Lake City before publishing them live on the site. We accept reprints, so long as you own the copyright. Sadly, we cannot yet pay for material.

Our review deadlines for submissions are September 15th, December 15th, March 15th, and June 15th. We will publish all acceptable content a month after it has been reviewed.

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