Some Other Summer

Written by  Katharine Coles
  1. Last night while he slept, his brain rummaged
    Its bag of tricks and produced a flood,

    A traffic snarl, some place he had to get
    Beyond, though now he can't say what. Once,

    He was the one packing, I the one thinking
    I had things to see. Wherever he was, always

    He wished himself home. He would
    Sleep in his own bed every night if he could.

  2. All spring and into our longest days, snow
    Kept piling up in the mountains, looming over

    The valley like a mind's weight. Now
    Relieved of its body, water rushes down

    The canyons, flooding creek-side houses,
    Soaking the fields until they reflect the sky,

    Unplantable. We can't believe
    It's mid-July, and still there's more snow

    Up there, deep and blue and breathing out
    Cold far below the glaciers and snowfields

    That persist all summer.
                                     Last night
    While he was dreaming a sinkhole

    Opened forty feet wide in the sodden earth
    And forty deep, right under the highway. A girl,

    Fifteen, lost to it. Her father at the wheel
    Speeding to get home when everything fell

    Away. In darkness, on either side, the lucky ones
    Stopped and waited. Then turned back.

  3. Meanwhile, already, the nights lengthen.
    Isn't this always happening? Crickets pipe up,

    Pipe up, invisible among the leaves,
    Waxing as they will into song

    With the waxing moon. Have you noticed?
    By August, they will be

    Overflowing the night. In the dark
    That carries us, in the dark we all carry

    Inside the future waits. Meanwhile,
    It keeps on coming.

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