While I Was Away

Written by  Katharine Coles

The dog didn't die.
My beloved, who unlike the dog
Feared I'd never come back

The same, is still here too,
Standing outside security
As if he might not know me or I him,

Holding a sign, my secret
Name. Do you still? Did I ever
Think he might not be? So much

To lose and the world changes
Everything. Though his whole head
Rises above the crowd

Even I can barely see
My slight self the window flashes
Brief reflection among

The other bodies, my head at average
Shoulder's level. How long has it been
Since I was only

So small? Tuft of something
Wafted his way in a drift of travelers
He stands against, solid, his eyes

Anxious then finding me at
Last and holding, his smile drawing
Me down the long hallway. He bends

And shoulders and arms fold like wings
Over me, around me, hold me
Beating against his heart.

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  • Location: Salt Lake City International Airport, 776 N Terminal Dr, Salt Lake City, UT ‎